Human resources give priority to investment, talent and career grow together

The company adheres to the talent concept of "character is more important than ability" in selecting, educating and employing people. All the talents to be selected and trained must be guaranteed by excellent character, because a person with incomplete knowledge can be made up for by morality, while a person with incomplete morality can hardly be made up for by knowledge. At the same time in the talent selection and promotion, adhere to the "ability on, let, mediocre" concept, follow the "fair, just, open, competition, preferential" principle, the process of employing people do not consider relatives, friends, human, relationship, background, pay attention to the actual ability of the employee. This will guarantee a better development platform for all talents who enter the company with dreams.
We are committed to build a professional medical equipment manufacturing center to create economic benefits for customers. The company has more than 200 employees, with advanced research and development center, perfect sales channels. You can contact us through the following ways, looking forward to your inquiry and cooperation with us.
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